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Taking the Nozomi shinkansen toward Hakata from Tokyo Station; you can get to Hakata Station without transferring. ©︎JNTO The subway is the best way to get around in Fukuoka, and there are also local buses and trains. All rights reserved. Men in traditional costume race through the streets of Hakata with yamakasa—elaborately decorated one-ton floats. If you have an update, please. Share your travel photos with us by hashtagging your images with #visitjapanjp, 1-41 Kamikawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken, The Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival is one of Japan's most exciting festivals. Registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, it originated 800 years ago, when an epidemic was raging in Hakata. Due to COVID-19, the festivities are canceled in 2020. The passion of Hakata residents for Hakata Gion Yamakasa is so tremendous that some companies even let participants have the day off for the festival. Meanwhile, the intersection of Showa-dori Street and Taihaku-dori Street allows each float to be seen twice as they race down the parallel streets. Our recommendation is to go from Hakata Station, the closest train station to Kushida Shrine. Report violations. How to tell the difference between Tokyo's many fashion subcultures. It's a great opportunity to hear this song at the festival. Fukuoka's Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival 2020 - Canceled Due To COVID-19, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory Information, 12 Must-See Japanese Festivals Held Throughout The Year, Awa Odori - All About Tokushima's Summer Dance Festival, Takayama Festival: Revisit Japan's Edo Period In Gifu, Kyoto's Aoi Matsuri Festival: Access And Schedule (Canceled For 2020). If you are here in mid-July, grab a seat and enjoy this festival steeped in history and its vibrant atmosphere. Il y a des mots uniques exclusifs à ce festival; porter les flotteurs est «kaku», et les gens qui portent les flotteurs sont appelés «kakite». These are the best. In 2020, the festival is canceled. Red designates runners whose responsibility is to carry the float; red and white designates elders responsible for planning and logistics; lastly, blue and white designates elders responsible for the health and safety of the entire operation. JR EAST Welcome Rail Pass 2020: Only 12,000 Yen For 3 Days Of Travel! The history of the festival can be traced back almost 800 years to a Buddhist priest named Shoichi Kokushi. The sound of the Yamakasa has also be… There are some unique words exclusive to this festival; carrying the floats around is 'kaku', and the people that carry the floats are called 'kakite'. The festivities are centered on the Kushida Jinja.The festival is believed to be over 770 years old and attracts up to a million spectators each year. Let's take a closer look at each day of the schedule. There are distinctive rules for the 800-year-old Hakata Gion Yamakasa. In Japan, flowers are used to convey what can't be spoken. The floats are staggered and leave Kushida-jinja Shrine every five minutes, and the racing ends shortly after 6 a.m. Please note that the Hakata Gion Yamasaka Festival and its events are canceled in 2020 due to the effects of the COVID-19 outbreaks. A comprehensive guide to Japanese cities. The course of the main race starts next to Kushida-jinja Shrine and finishes behind the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum . Its a large festival in which over 1 … Nagaregaki on Day 3 and Day 7 (July 10th and July 14th from 16:00) All yamakasa floats assemble at Gofukumachi crossing and head to Fukuoka city hall through Tenjin. One Dollar Hotel, Fukuoka December 2019. 博多祇園山笠の公式ホームページです。博多祇園山笠は仁治2(1241)年を起源とする祭で、国指定重要無形民俗文化財に指定されております。7月1日の飾り山笠公開から15日早朝の追い山まで、福岡の博多部を中心に行われます。 Nagasaki Kunchi Festival: Event Schedule, Access, And Things To Do, Up To 50% Off! The Hakata Gion Yamakasa is usually held in July every year. Nevertheless, it does have a few bad neighborhoods. However, everyone can enjoy watching Hakata Gion Yamakasa from its various viewing spots. It sounds sugarcoated but it's true. Enable Javascript to access all functionality. It is said that young and beginner kakite cannot carry yamakasa float for oi-yamakasa, the climax of the festival. A few interesting spots to visit in Japan. It takes the fastest teams less than thirty minutes to complete the course and teams are judged on both speed and style—teams are required to look graceful and heroic as they run with the floats on their shoulders. Japan Autumn Leaves Calendar 2020 - Seasonal Forecast And Famous Spots! This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed or translated. Therefore, only veteran kakite are in charge of carrying yamakasa-float on the day, showing their sophisticated running techniques. Each year there are 200,000 festivals in Japan. Hakata Gion Yamakasa (博多祇園山笠) is a Japanese festival celebrated from the 1st until the 15th of July in Hakata, Fukuoka. Go To Travel Campaign For Exploring Japan On A Budget, Apartment Hunting In Japan: Top 7 Foreigner-Friendly Rental Listing Sites And Tips, The Best Go To Travel Booking Sites: Save Money Traveling Around Japan, A Sweet Taste Of Autumn - Häagen-Dazs Hanamochi Kuri An Ice Cream, Save On Expenses! People all around Fukuoka pour their hearts and souls into the festival every season. All yamakasa floats get together in the central Fukuoka. Thank You! Long queue at JR Service Centre at … Around 30 runners carry the float at any one time, while others run in front of the float, at the back, or along the sides. Let's feel the heat of summer with this festival! This list will help you make the most of your trip. Transit Passes And Services For Short Trips In Japan, SAKANA NO CHIKARA, A Fish-Based Supplement Made By Suzuhiro Kamaboko, Another 300 Free To Use Images From Studio Ghibli Classics, Studio Ghibli's Free To Use Image Library. Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival ... January 2020. Men in traditional costume race through the streets of Hakata with yamakasa—elaborately decorated one ton floats. Cookies help us deliver our site. A calendar of Japan's many festivals, events, public holidays and seasonal attractions. Accept notifications in order to receive the latest MATCHA articles and news. The floats are made by their teams with the expertise of master Hakata doll makers. We recommend you allow yourself enough time to get to the venue 1 to 2 hours before the events start if you want to watch the event from a good spot. The weight of the float imparts such a toll on the carriers that even the strongest runners do not usually last longer than three or four minutes, before swapping with a better-rested runner. Bookmark. 5 replies. A Kazari-yama is a dedicated yamakasa displayed around Hakata. These rules are still followed even today. Kyoto is a magical city. You will surely be overwhelmed by the dynamic way they carry the float. The song is a very special song in Hakata to be sung only in celebratory situations, so you won't usually get to hear it. Blink and you'll miss their specially trained techniques and dynamic carrying and running. You can truly feel summer has arrived with Hakata Gion Yamakasa this year - the festival 2017 schedule, access, and highlights are as below. Even if you cannot make it to the festival period this year, don't worry, you can still see the kazari-yama in the Kushida Shrine area and the Kawabata Zenzai Hiroba on the Kawabata market street all year round, even after the festival. Using a red baton known as a teppou the dai-agari point out individual runners who should swap with fresh runners. Fukuoka You can watch the Hakata Gion Yamakasa around Kushida Shrine. MATCHA is a web magazine dedicated to bringing the rich culture and history of Japan to an international audience. Japan is a safe country. Colored headbands, known as tenugui, distinguish the different roles of the participants. Each yamakasa leaves its own area and is displayed to other areas as well. The kazariyama floats are set up on street corners across the Hakata area from July 1. 0 replies. This was the schedule for the festival in 2017. It is a short 15 minute walk from Hakata Station to Kushida Shrine. The festival is concentrated around the Kushida-jinja Shrine, but the race course covers much of the Hakata area . The festivities are centered on the Kushida Jinja. Aomori Nebuta Festival - Enjoy The Fiery Summer Of Northern Japan! Teams of men race the yamakasa, which are vibrantly decorated one-ton floats. From the early morning, yamakasa is toured around its own area. During Hakata Gion Yamakasa, day 6 for shudan-yamamise and day 8 for oi-yamakasa will be extremely busy. The festival lasts for eight days, during which hundred of energetic men run around Hakata carrying floats called yamakasa. 16 Phrases You Should Know, Ready To Move? ©︎JNTO Please note that the Hakata Gion Yamasaka Festival and its events are canceled in 2020 due to the effects of the COVID-19 outbreaks.

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