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If you’d like a longer chain, that is an option as well. We like it as a bridesmaid gift, Mother’s Day gift, or Valentines Day gift, or a gift to celebrate yourself. This gem is thought to bring abundance, prosperity and luck to the wearer. The interpretation is that Jesus is the merchant and He paid the great price of His life to buy the pearl. The surface of the pearl is yet another pricing factor to pay close attention to. Even though there will always be some sort of imperfection, the cost won’t be affected as long as it’s not noticeable when worn. Pearls can range in price from a few hundred dollars to a $100 million. Some Say No, Natural Pearls VS Cultured Pearls: Benefits & Differences. Pearls are worn in many cultures so women can connect to their inner goddess and maximize feminine energy. Primarily, pearls entered the fashion industry in the late half of the 1900s. Pearls are referred to as “The Queen of Gems” for good reason. In the 70s, the hippies didn’t want fake anymore, but the real thing. A pearl Opera necklace is 30 inches to 36 inches long, usually two strands and worn for formal occasions. This pearl will also either be round or near round in shape. They are cultivated in freshwater, by a mussel, as opposed to seawater. If you are looking for a complete set, look no further. Today, a natural pearl is extremely rare and are very scarce. A pearl necklace, in the future, may need to be restrung in the future. It was 26 inches and valued at $100 million dollars. To take care of your pearls, there are some quick and easy things you can do: ✓ Don’t ever just throw them in your jewelry box and expect them to survive. This set is offered in various sizes from 4.5 -5.0mm to 9.0-9.5mm sizes. Abalone pearls are some of the world’s rarest and most sought after gems. Pearls worn a lot should be restrung yearly and if they ever get wet, lay them flat, on a towel; do not hang them to dry. The pearl is said to represent purity, harmony, and humility, and wearing pearls can often be a sign of prestige. It is thought to be the stone of sincerity. Let’s try to break down how to evaluate the value of your pearls. Suddenly, pearls became unconventional and all kinds of people were re-imagining them in different ways. The cost of a pearl necklace will depend on the type of pearl, the designer and jewelry store. Pearls are worn in: the political arena, journalism, the arts, and in sports. Browse through our incredible selection of pearl necklaces to get a better feel as to what works with your budget and style. Cultured (farmed) pearls were discovered in Japan and by 1935 there were 350 pearl farms. Akoya, Tahitian (from French Polynesia and Tahiti), South Sea (from Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines), white, cream golden, and black (includes grey, blue, green, and purple) are varieties of pearls. When mentioning pearls, Audrey Hepburn’s name comes to mind. The International Gem Society (IGS) has a list of businesses offering gemstone appraisal services. If cared for properly, pearls have a way of retaining lifelong value. Then size and color are considered. In the 60s, wealthy celebs, favored fake and bright as opposed to the real thing. Initially, pearls were such a status symbol and only the ruling class were permitted to wear them. Although people thought the pearls were fake, the cultured pearls had the same properties as the natural ones. Not all pearls are created equal, so the answer to how much are pearls worth depends on a number of factors, including origin, type, size and color. A pearl can form both naturally and be man-made, or cultured. amzn_assoc_placement="adunit0"; Pearl necklaces, however, have more pearls and prices can vary based on the length and how many pearls are used. The pearl has been worn for ages like jewelry. The creator makes these by hand and pairs the sea glass, hibiscus and freshwater pearl charms with a 20-inch chain and a lobster claw catch. It is perfect to give to your wife on Valentines Day, your daughter for her birthday, or a graduation gift. In 1917 jeweller Pierre Cartier bought his company's Fifth Avenue headquarters in New York with $100 in cash and a two-strand natural pearl necklace valued at US$1 million. There is such an abundance of pearl fans there are too many to mention. White Sapphire vs Diamond: Complete Comparison, What is Zircon? At Costco, the prices range from as little as $100 for a 100-inch cultured pearl necklace to as much $32,000 for a 16.5 mm South Sea 18-carat yellow gold strand. It is approximately 16 inches in length. You might decide on a longer freshwater necklace that features smaller pearls, or perhaps instead an Akoya pearl choker necklace that features larger pearls. A pearl formed by man is called either cultured or farmed. But, there are various other factors that, when combined, help determine the overall value of a pearl: There are many different types of cultured pearls. Wiping them will reduce that. At this point in time, divers harvested pearls and it wasn’t until the 20th century they began to be cultured. ✓ A pearl will, over a period of time, absorb the acid from the skin of the person wearing them. When it was first used for fashion, it implied superiority and class. They enlighten and inspire the mind and mood and help the person wearing it to love self and others more. A pearl cleaner can be used to clean them, but they can easily be taken to a jewelry shop and cleaned by a professional. Let’s discuss the value of these four cultured pearl types: When shopping for real pearls, keep in mind that cultured pearls are less rare then natural pearls, and therefore, are much cheaper to buy. ✓ When removing them, always grab the piece by the metal to which it is attached. Freshwater pearls vary in unusual shapes and varieties. However, they are not only used as jewelry, but they are also symbolic in religion and myth. Making this pretty necklace even more special is the cultured seal glass included in the setting and custom gift card and ribbon wrap. However, keep in mind that because they come from living creatures, no pearl is 100% flawless. Pearl value is determined based on whether it’s a natural pearl vs cultured pearl. Although hers were not real, her triple strand necklace is a signature piece. It used to be, a pearl was harvested by divers who would retrieve the oysters. A cultured, or man-made, the pearl is formed when a foreign substance is introduced by man. A cultured pearl is farmed and created. To help break down the exact costs of these pearls, let’s dig deeper and explain what exactly affects the price tag in our table below: says pearl prices can range from less than $1 to more than $100,000, depending on the size, quality, luster, color, shape and type. They get skin acid and dirt accumulated on them, after a period of time. In 1957 the same necklace was auctioned for just US$157,000. She often used them to accentuate her playful, mischievous, facial features. As far as jewelry is concerned, typically, pearl earrings are less expensive because there are only two gems in the set. Photo by bfishshadow. This cocktail ring is sure to make a statement and be a collection favorite! A1 Bently wears pearl stud earrings and ropes of pearls around his neck. Pearls have also treated eye ailments, bleeding, fever, and indigestion. Depending on the exact type of pearl and its size and quality, the cost of a pearl necklace can range from as little as $10 to as much as $35,000+. Simple and chic Tahitian studs. Want to know if a pearl is real or fake? To restring, a professional often charges $25 to $75, depending on the size of the necklace. The lobster claw clasp makes putting on and taking off extremely easy. Don't forget your classic pe. In the Arab culture, legend has it, dewdrops fell from the sky and were gobbled up by the oysters. They can be cleaned by wiping them off after use. Accompanying value information: Saltwater Pearls Value, Price, and Jewelry Information. First, there is a type. With a wide range of colors, freshwater pearls range from pink to lavender, as well as a myriad of combinations. They are now used in costume jewelry, oversized cocktail rings and even in-ear jackets.

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