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The video was posted to Reddit[17], and the Daily What[18] on August 19th, 2011. You are shaking! I always thought planking was dumb… still do, but off all things it is not a representation of slaves on a ship. On August 30th, 2011, the blog Slactory[19] posted an article titled "Virtual Planking: Video Games Go Face Down" with a compilation of planking examples from various video games inspired by a hipster e-honda planking image. Take That Carlos. A Brief Guide Into Werewolf Types. [14] BET News – Xzibit Blasts Celebs for Planking, [15] CNN – New clues in planking origins mystery, [16] The Daily What – Hipster Planker of the Day, [18] The Daily What – Fauxpology of the Day, [19] Slactory – Virtual Planking Video Games Go Face Down, [20] Washington Post – Anti-planking act proposed in Philippines after people plank in Manila streets, [21] Sun Star – Castelo Files Anti-Planking Bill, [22] The Independent – Twitter index: Demi Lovato release 'Unbroken,' Anti-Planking Act, [23] The Smoking Gun – Wisconsin Man Convicted For Planking Spree, [24] MSNBC – Planking spree ends in $303 fine, shame, [25] The Smoking Gun – City of Manitowoc Police Report. The proposal of "Anti-Planking Act" was first introduced by Castelo in 2010, following several news reports about safety hazards surrounding the global photo fad. The term "planking" was reportedly coined in 2008 by Paul Carran, a New Zealander living in Sydney, Australia. German Memes Are The Best In The World!!! I Was Just About To Dial The Police. Ultra gay. to view a random entry. Are you fucking kidding me clean. Download all the meme faces. Plank is confirmed by Danny Antonucci to be nothing more than an inanimate block of wood in the Season 2 Compilation. The Queensland Opposition and the state's police have called for people to stop participating in the fad. Level 3 Figure Eight. This feature is not available right now. All rage faces listed with their names. Cereal guy spitting . The game became quite popular in the United Kingdom during the summer of 2010, drawing participation from all over the country as well as overseas. That same day, Fox News commentator Andy Levy retweeted it and added a reference to Brown's 2008 domestic violence case where he allegedly beat his girlfriend and fellow performer Rihanna. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard warned plankers that their "focus has to be on keeping yourself safe first". [1] 3News – Friends blame Kiwi for planker's death, [2] Herald Sun – Be a Planker, Not a Plonker, [6] iPlanking – iPlanking – The Official Planking Site, [9] Associated Content – First Annual Global Planking Day: May 25, 2011. According to the local news reports, Castelo's renewed initiative has been reported as a direct response to the Filippino planking protesters. Kid on my back as I do my plank holds. PROTIP: According to the official Facebook page, the following rules should be kept in mind: On May 15th, the "planking" phenomenon became a highly controversial topic in the news media when Acton Beale, a 20 year old man, plunged to death from an attempt at "planking" on a seventh floor balcony is Brisbane, Australia. Classic Burns #137. I'm So Deep, I Don't Even Know Who I Am Anymore, That Escalated Really Quickly. ". Breathing Room. Get direct links for them. I Have Nothing Against United Airlines But This Is Funny As Hell. Is Planking Connected to the Slave Trade? After being inundated with angry tweets from Chris Brown fans, Andy made a sarcastic apology during a segment on Fox News on August 18th, 2011. 'r' He is rarely seen without his imaginary friend, a 2x4 wooden board with drawn-on eyes and a mouth, aptly named Plank. Brad. Ryan Hart apparently upset cops by lying across a police memorial monument in front of the county jail. The phenomenon started to gain momentum across the country in March 2011, when the pro-rugby player David "Wolfman" Williams planked (shown below) after a try during the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles vs Newcastle Knights game held on March 27th, 2011. Best Subtitles Evet. Jonny seems innocent and gullible, and often forgives people no matter what they do. On July 6th, 2011, Rapper Xzibit openly expressed his disdain for the popular planking game via Twitter post, calling it "the dumbest shit ever" and claiming that the fad was related to slavery: His tweets were picked up by hundreds of his followers and celebrity news blogs like Gawker[11] and TMZ[12] and BET[14] reported on Xzibit's comments. Plank has been Jonny's best friend since he was a toddler. I Don't Like Banana Pudding . "The point of that video, we did a random, ridiculous thing and made a social comment with it," Green said. I'm About To Get Hammered. "This picture read in newspapers or posted in the Internet might evolve into a new mindset that just might go viral or very contagious," Castelo said, according to the Star Sun.

Women's Michigan Hat, Peter Lorimer Now, Devin Haney Net Worth 2020, Punch Club Hearing Aid, Archangel Michael Signs, Chowder Gumbo, 1980s Cars Uk, What Folklore Creature Are You, Regular Show Grave Meme,

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