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August 21, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm | Recurring Event . All of that is helping to build my confidence and develop my self esteem, which although at times can be fragile, it is growing. Over the last two weeks I have been doing some more training including 1st Aid and tractor. Not judgemental, which for me is a step forward. The afternoon participants entered into a quest which if failed resulted in being locked in the cage “to wash the ‘Keeper of the Cages’ pants and socks forever” (his words not mine- I hear this produced a series of boos from the children and parents). I lost count of the number of people who said “Well, rather you than me”, “ohhhh nice job” but actually  working down near the Timber Yard café was the perfect spot to chat to people and have some cracking engagement with any little child/baby that passed…..animals + children = Happy Claire . Conservation- I work on a Tuesday and Thursday. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Delving into the world of Wildflowers and Grasses, Another month in the life of Lyme (for an Academy Ranger). We split into two groups with one working on the heathland and the other tending to an existing willow structure. + Tell us about your family friendly event, Copyright 2020 East Cheshire MumblerYour Local Parenting Community, Follow East Cheshire Mumbler on Instagram. *It's only £5 to park per car...so bring as many friends as you can! Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more! Still lovely, just different- we were all trying to come up with a way of describing it and we all agreed that Jack’s feels more ‘open’……doesn’t really give you a clear visual guide I know….sorry , Walking round Horners Woods- lovely ancient woodland. Halloween arrived this month and the Ranger team put on a spooktacular event known as ‘Fright Run’. And that concludes ‘Disleys chat with David Turner’. To the park gate , then free shuttle took us inside the park ( the shuttle available till 4:45pm). With so much hindsight will I be as honest as I normally am?” (when I re-read old blog post I can cringe at the outpourings but its the truth so ahh well eh) With all that in mind I have just decided to get on with it, rather than over thinking it…..one of my go-to habits. We take train from Manchester  Picaddily to Disley  station 27min. I think it helps that she’s lovely but I would never have guessed it would’ve been so great for me (not to sound too selfish). It took me back to how I felt in the first college block, the overwhelming excitement of finally being given the opportunity to do what I felt in my heart was right for me, to the creeping fear of the enormity of the years ahead. It was a lovely day where the ranger team got to surround themselves with the delightful furry friends of Lyme and engage with people to explain why it’s important to have conservation grazing and the essential benefits from doing so. This photo is just to show you what a gorgeous day it was…yummy yummy sunshine! No deep analysis into the whys and wherefores, just keeping it simple. Lyme Park, Disley Stockport, SK12 2NR + Google Map. I was scared that I wouldn’t find anything that I loved more passionately and that I would always feel a bit empty in another career. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I must admit though that the fancy-buttoned, power-steered beauty John Deere that we have at Lyme is a very different machine to the small, needing-arms-of-steel-to-steer Massey that we learnt on at college. It’s like another stage of my development- I can do the work at Lyme but can I do it elsewhere…..turns out I can. I am happy to say that I passed- in fact we all passed! It was good to spend the afternoon driving about, reversing and hitching a trailer. Looking forward to sharing more with you soon. I think it was around 50 packets for four of us to get in for free! We wouldn’t be able to survive without their dedication and hard work. Well it’s been that time again- college came and it went. All I can do is try my hardest, put the action in and accept that what will be will be. If you continue, we’ll assume you are happy for your web browser to receive cookies from our website. We had a trip to a National Trust property Biddulph Grange Gardens to develop our understanding of managing a historic properties. Home; A bit about me; Disclaimer; Let me tell you about Lyme; The amazing volunteers; Whats the blog about; Search. Sometimes I find it so easy to forget to appreciate how amazing trees are…they are fricking awesome! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It’s like learning to drive though, I’ve passed my test and now need to practice. Second, an exhibit on Thomas's wife Ellen and her scandalous abduction, forced elopement, and subsequent legal proceedings that all happened before she married Legh. Across the world there are about 10,000 species of grass, making them one of the most numerous of the plant families. Well Baby Clinics (Including Baby Weigh-Ins). I won’t sugar-coat it- I was really sad to leave and quite emotional about it. We also had the chance to do a bit of engagement work. I have said it before and will keep saying it. ( Log Out /  I can get so wrapped up in wanting to be further ahead and comparing myself to people I admire that it blindsides me to my own growth and development. And creative they were- just take a look at these imaginative works of art: wild-art-doc If you are wondering what Ranger Jamie is up to in the photos, he is assisting in the creation of an ‘Under the Sea’ themed piece of art by doing his best crab impression , Before we continue, in case some of you have no idea what the ‘Cage’ is here are some  pictures by the wonderful Garry Lomas http://www.garrylomasphotography.co.uk/. So have fun! Tough but interesting work (walking on sand is hard, let alone carrying tools etc) Great to get some more experience of how other sites and teams work. !WHOOP WHOOP!!! The first week at college was all about woodland management and I have to say I am a little in love with it. It’s also been great to be a support- I know where Natalie is, I have been at the beginning and it’s a pleasure to be able to nurture and support her development in anyway that I can. The little white cutie one you can see is called Pearl. By informing and engaging with the public about the work that is happening we stand a better chance of developing understanding and growing support. I wonder if I’d be saying the same thing in Winter? I do hope that the close relationship between the National Trust and the DSWA will flourish in the future to the benefit of both organisations and countryside conservation as a whole. Love something so much that you are desperate for someone else to love it just as much- like watching someone eat your favourite food, waiting for their reaction and for the nod of approval) but I need not have worried- Lyme won them over without any effort. As like everything I am finding with this role it often takes much longer than I first think and there is always a lot more to it. If you are, then how could you NOT come into Derbyshire and visit Pemberley (ahem Lyme Park!)? I am now working part time for the RSPB at Dovestone with Moors for the future whilst volunteering for the NT at Lyme. I remember when the 2nd year came in to speak to us and thinking  “I wonder if I’ll be ok…will I make it?” and to be there, be making it AND to be more than ok was such a buzz, a real confidence boost. Creative tents where you got the chance to build a nest for ground nesting birds, doggy face painting (on humans, not dogs) and lovely dog portraits by photographer Simon Plumb. Had the best mulled wine ever it was white wine with orange and ginger served with home made cinnamon biscuits such fun. A gorgeous sunny but cold day up at Paddock, Ranger Dan working through the wind and rain the get the fence finished, He might be soaking wet but Ranger Jamie is still smiling, Ranger Dan and myself got messy clearing some blocked drains. http://www.nationaltrustholidays.org.uk/bunkhouses/exmoor-bunkhouse/. !We would walk and walk to the top of the hill, pay hide and seek, spy on the deer, and all this before the pride and prejudice hoopla....  who cares !!! I’ve been introducing my brain to the deep and fascinating world of Fungi. Right, enough. Search for: School’s almost out…for good. Amazing place to visit we saw deer in the deer sanctuary. It's 5 quid to park. It’s not all about ‘what am I going to get?’. How long have you been volunteering for the National Trust? Even if you don't visit the mansion and gardens it is still a great couple of hours or a picnic day destination. During recovery from this I decided to leave my business (of which I was a partner in) and embark on whole new journey. I don’t know enough to even begin to write about it but what I can say is I like it, it makes me happy, the Wednesday Wallers are lovely and I can’t wait to do it again. The rangers would like to say a huge thank you to all of those that attended the ‘Ranger in Training’ sessions this week! Everything from that series is here.....as I sigh.....P.S. Now, what else have I been up to do I hear you cry?

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