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Publishers and translators from Beijing to Chennai can learn about the latest news and achievements of Literature Ireland almost instantaneously, and I can learn about what's going on in their professional worlds, their latest achievements and sometimes their challenges. Publishing is thirsty work, please support us by buying a coffee, we appreciate it! The Annals of the Four Masters for 1499 state-. Maghnus, son of Thomas Mag Samradhain, was slain by the descendants of Eogan Mag Samhadhain on the 7th of the Ides of November (7th of November). This is particularly well exemplified in Still Life, the late great poet and translator Ciaran Carson's last collection. Is é an cleas atá ann an righneas mínádúrtha, an seasamh siar a chur díot láithreach, gan aon riail á sárú. Some of the events recorded in Uí Maine, Connacht and Ireland during his lifetime include: . After that, she spent a couple of years teaching English abroad and teaching French and English in Dublin, followed by a postgraduate degree in International Marketing. We are planning to welcome several translators and publishers from around the world for different events in Ireland, we'll be posting many short stories in translation on our website, and we will have a gala event with Irish authors in translation in Dublin in May 2020. My background is in modern languages (French and Italian), and I have a Master's degree in International Marketing. The daughter of Mag Samradhain, namely, Una, wife of Failghe, son of Domnall Ua Raighilligh the White, died this year. The Annals of the Four Masters for 1507 state-. I also think, however, that social media are a fantastic promotional and professional tool when used wisely. The company's safety demonstration video is witty and attractive and presents what is a very important, but often quite boring, series of messages in a playful, sexy and engaging way. Curled up on the sofa with my husband watching 'Spiral' with a glass of wine and some cheese. The son of Brian of Tellach-Eathach, namely, Feidhlimidh, died. No matter where you come from, you know – just as soon as you touch down – that you are in Paris. Literature Ireland promotes Irish literature by encouraging international publishers to choose to publish Irish writing. I like networking – I am not afraid to walk up cold to someone and introduce myself where the situation requires it, although I do believe that an introduction from the right person is often the most effective way to network. It's my job to convince the government of the value of the work that we do, even though much of that work is long term and even though the impact is often difficult to measure either in quantifiable terms or in the short term. Mac Samhradhain, i.e. I am really attracted by their imaginative approach to the showcase. Literature Ireland promotes Irish literature by encouraging international publishers to choose to publish Irish writing. I like encountering people who speak and think differently from me. Magauran (Cathal, the son of Hugh, son of Owen) died; and Thomas, the son of Manus Magauran, was styled Lord. The Annals of the Four Masters for 1508 state-. And, of course, on a very practical level, each time a new work of Irish literature arrives in the office which has come about with our support – that is a success! He's now almost six feet tall and a very fine, articulate and intelligent young man. Murchadh mac Aodha (died 960) was 33rd King of Uí Maine.. Reign and events. I am keen to develop some projects which will have a legacy in terms of ongoing exchanges after the Expo has finished. Literature Ireland will celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2020. From thence they proceeded to the Crannog of Magauran, which they took; and they also made a prisoner of Magauran himself, although he was sick, but they afterwards left him behind, because they could not conveniently take him with them. Cormac, the son of Niall, son of Gilla-Duv, son of Hugh Maguire, was slain in a nocturnal assault, by the people of Teallach-Eachdhach (Tullyhaw) and by the sons of Philip, son of Brian Maguire. It all exudes a sense of fun and French femininity while putting French women very much in the driving seat. On the death of the chief, his uncle Éamonn Mág Samhradháin in 1504, Cathal took the chieftaincy and moved to the chief's residence in Ballymagauran. On 28 September 1498 two of Cathal's brothers, Tadgh and Manus the priest, were killed in a Maguire raid on the castle of Ballymagauran. I think people are becoming more and more aware of the potential abuses of social media. In 1512 there was conflict with Tomás Mág Samhradháin, the Fourth who was the leader of a dissident sept within the McGovern clan and was attempting to claim the chieftainship. Every time I see an Irish author either nominated for or winning an award for their work in a foreign language, whether that is Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill for her Irish language poetry in a Polish translation or. I also like the Aéroports de Paris branding – there is something very appealing about the use of the Eiffel Tower for all the branding at the airports. As this was on the anniversary of the previous chief's drowning, Feidhlimidh Mág Samhradháin, the First, it may have been in revenge for that and the killing probably happened during the anniversary mass. The internecine warfare continued in 1507 when Cathal's brother, Toirdealbhach, the Tánaiste of the clan, killed the son of a previous chief Domhnall ‘Bernach’ Mág Samhradháin. In Ireland, it's necessary to be seen, and so I try to attend a lot of literary and arts events. To achieve this aim, we run an incentivisation scheme that awards translation grants to publishers three times a year. As I have grown older, I have begun to understand the transactional nature of much of the work that we do. Mairtin Mac Aodha, NUI Galway, Centre for Irish Studies, Department Member. home |  interviews | services | about | contact, info@theglobalinterview.comDublin 2, IrelandCopyright © 2020 | The Global Interview | All Rights ReservedT&Cs | GDPR | Privacy. On a professional level, the fifty-odd literary translators from around the world, whom we have welcomed on residencies to Ireland. The Annals of the Four Masters for 1512 state-. We are taking something from Ireland to the world and hopefully helping to establish a long-term relationship between that person and our country. ", "Things will look much, much better in the morning! Philip, the son of Turlough Maguire, with his sons and the sons of Thomas, son of Manus Magauran, made an incursion into Teallach-Eachdhach (Tullyhaw), and took a prey from Turlough, the son of Hugh Magauran, Tanist of the territory; and they slew Turlough himself as he followed in pursuit of the prey. I sometimes struggle to adhere to her advice, but I think I am getting better at it as I get older! I saw a fascinating discussion about the abuses of social media (micro-targeting with political advertising) which took place at a forum in our Dáil (parliament) recently. LXIV,ág_Samhradháin&oldid=969958693, All Wikipedia articles written in Irish English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 July 2020, at 11:57. We have hosted translators from all over Europe and over a dozen from China, as well as a small number of translators from South America and other parts of Asia. Read More. Sinéad Mac Aodha is the director of Literature Ireland, the national organisation for the promotion of Irish literature abroad. I also think it's useful not to be afraid of silence – I often try to process what has just been said before I respond to it, even if this means that there is a small gap in the conversation. Ua jest alternatywną formą Ó. Caithfidh an fear atá scoite ón mbeár mála Tayto leat le tabhairt dá shípéir Gearmánach – Dante – is nuair a fhiafróidh a chompánach de. To … The Books Quiz: Which Irish Times writer composed Monto (Take Her Up to Monto)? We are also preparing several exciting literature projects for Expo Dubai 2020. Surname Related Names Related Comments. In no particular order: It seldom hurts to be generous. I spent my honeymoon on the Île de Ré, an island off the French Atlantic coast. The trick will be to slip off the bridle as soon as you can without breaking the rules. Study aid for leaving cert Physics. The son of O'Reilly, i. e. Edmond Roe, the son of Hugh, son of Cathal, afterwards came up with these men of Fermanagh, and with the grandsons of Manus, defeated them, and slew Donough, the son of Redmond, son of Philip Maguire; Philip, the son of Owen, son of Donnell Ballagh Maguire; Hugh, the son of Owen, son of Turlough Maguire; Murtough Roe, son of Murrough; and James, the son of Magrath Maguire, besides many others; and many horses were taken from them on that day. The warfare with the Maguire clan of Fermanagh also continued during Cathal's reign. 90–137, in JRSAI Vol. Each connection my team and I make overseas, each time we help bring some Irish writing to readers elsewhere in the world.

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