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The needles are quite sharp, but they have excellent retention – even when dry. Loading trees is an important process prior to shipping and delivery of fresh cut Christmas trees. We are the home of premium trees----please note that we find special order, hand picked Christmas trees! Buy yours from Alba Trees or Buy Trees Online. Slightly less common, the Scots pine (Scotland's national tree) is a native tree with bright, blue-green foliage and a lovely fragrance. @bigjohnstrees Similar to the Norway spruce, but with slightly better needle retention. It is similar to the Norway spruce by having firm branches, great for holding your heavy baubles, and also to the Nordmann fir, by holding its needles well. The traditional cut Christmas tree in Britain has been the Norway spruce for decades, but in recent years, sales of 'non-drop' varieties, such as the Nordmann fir, Fraser fir and blue spruce have started to overtake the Norway spruce. Buy yours from Christmas Trees Delivered (London), Send Me A Christmas Tree, Pines and Needles, King & Co or Paramount Plants. The Nordmann fir is a pretty low-maintenance indoor option and its branching patterns will ensure your Christmas decorations look their best. (Thank you, @Local Now!) They are native of the forests of Washington and Oregon and were introduced into Britain in 1830. ☞ UPDATE! Living Christmas Trees Our selection of quality Living Christmas Trees have good root systems and are either potted or sold as rootballs. Sparkling lights and Christmas trees with red, green and gold baubles. Any other inquiries please email We are thrilled to celebrate 71 years of providing Atlanta with the best in Big John's top quality handpicked Christmas trees! * Tree loading into your car with trunk/roof protectors Call the Elf Squad at (347) 669-1263. Buy yours from Tree Shop, Ashridge Nurseries or Trees to Plants. Regardless of which one you choose, provided the tree is well looked after, your Christmas tree should survive for more than four weeks, according to the British Christmas Tree Growers Association. They're increasingly popular in central Europe and look great with simpler decorations or just a string of pretty lights. We sell classic Christmas tree varieties, as well as specialist species which are rarer in the UK market. Thank you for your interest! They also provide homes for bird habitat, insects, and wildlife. Buy real Christmas tree online now. Please contact us early for any over-sized tree!❤  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Big John's! Water it every day - they drink lots - and try to position it away from radiators and open fires. Buy yours from Paramount Plants or Send Me A Christmas Tree. Greetings! A tree grown and nurtured in Kentucky soil, with Kentucky hands. There’s a lot of talk these days about the environment and going “green.” Landscaping, Christmas Trees, Fences & Gates. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Big John's is a full service Christmas tree retailer specializing in the following Real Christmas Trees are grown on farms just like any other agricultural crop. So, order your fresh cut Christmas tree online today to reserve only the best and most beautiful Christmas trees … Christmas tree plantations beautify the landscape, prevent soil erosion, and preserve open space. PLEASE CONTACT: for orders Here's a breakdown of the best real ones. Buy yours from the Tree Shop or Trees Online. The Lodgepole is a bushy tree making it a very attractive choice for a Christmas tree. It has yellowy-green needles and is very good for needle retention. The trees have a reliably symmetrical shape with a wide base and dark green, broad needles. Buy yours from Beechwood Nurseries or Eden Christmas Trees. Real Christmas Trees. Rent-A-Christmas is the only full-service Christmas decoration rental and design service that truly takes away all the hassle out of holiday decorating. Please email your special orders for trees over 9' to to be added to the list. Add to your collection! The Fraser fir is the more popular choice in the US, and also has a lovely aromatic fragrance. * Bring your Big John's stand for complimentary mounting Lovingly made at the Satellite North Pole Office in New York City, NY. Additional Services Include: Greetings! Christmas wouldn't quite be the same without the aesthetic that comes along with it. Getting the right Christmas tree for your home is top of the holiday season list for many families. Shop all Popular Traditional Christmas Rentals →, Shop all Popular Flocked Christmas Rentals →. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. The Nordmann fir is one of the most popular Christmas trees in the UK. Christmas Trees. Our full-service offering makes commercial and residential holiday decorating easier than ever before. 12120 NE 85th St S, Kirkland, WA. COMPLIMENTARY services: Our sincere thanks for letting us celebrate the magic of Christmas with you in Atlanta since 1949! * Tree Removal & Recycling 404-333-2834 ... National Tree Feel Real® 7.5-Foot Nordic Spruce Slim Pre-Lit Christmas Tree with Clear Lights. The tree is popular for its good needle retention and a lovely citrus fragrance. We serve the Atlanta metropolitan area with the highest quality, hand-picked, FRESH Christmas trees, wreaths, roping, stands, lights, ornaments and more! It also generally has a good symmetrical form. When you're ready to decorate it, chop a couple of centimetres off the stump and put it in water straightaway. It's also worth testing out how well it holds your ornaments before you buy (just bring one with you). Need Help? This fir has attractive grey-green needles that tilt upwards and very strong branches, which makes it a superb choice for hanging heavy decorations. It's time for Special Orders! The Norway spruce has been the traditional British Christmas tree since the Victorian era thanks to Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert, who introduced the German custom of decorating a spruce tree to England in the early 18th century. We have cross wreaths! 41 reviews. Wait til you see this year's free gift with your tree purchase! Christmas wouldn't quite be the same without the aesthetic that comes along with it. It all began in 1949 in a Zesto parking lot. … Always turn your Christmas tree lights off before watering and going to bed. The jolly, fully costumed Rent-A-Christmas #ElfSquad brings holiday cheer everywhere they go. * A fresh cut on your tree The Douglas fir has soft, dark green or blue-green needles. * Custom-made Wreaths, Mailbox Huggies & Swags. 25% deposit due to secure your order. It's best to buy this tree in mid-late December to reduce the amount of needle drop. For office assistant: clerical, computer and social media skills with flexibility to work daily throughout the season, starting now. * A knowledgeable & professional sales staff or 404-261-3292 (in season at Main Lot) or 404-261-4497 x6 Keep it outside or in a cool place for as long as possible before moving it inside. The branches are known for being strong if you're planning on lots of decorations. Additionally, the foliage is soft and glossy meaning it is fairly child-friendly. Outdoorsy with high customer service skills, a great attitude and work ethic are foundational aspects of employment.  Tree Removal & Tree-cycling Service is now FULLY BOOKED for the 2016/17 season. We offer fresh live Christmas tree with FREE home delivery service. Buy yours from Jackson's Nurseries or Ornamental Trees. 7744 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA. Check out this interview with Big John's grandson, John! Christmas trees don't like heat. Our Elf Squad is standing by to make this your most magical Christmas yet. 1 1 Reviews. * Tree Lighting with Only the Highest Grade Commercial Lights on the Market And, it has that festive pine scent that instantly reminds you of Christmas. For any wholesale Christmas trees order, Plantations BL Christmas Trees will make sure that there will not be any wasted space in all shipments leaving the family farm. Click here to select the size and type of tree you would like to purchase. Jimbo and John are searching for your perfect tree now and inventory is limited. Around the third week in November, the farmers of the KY Christmas Tree Association open their gates, barns, and fields to folks who appreciate the experience of cutting a fresh, homegrown Christmas tree.

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