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10 could pay off big time, as could jumping on G/T Cordy Glenn at 41. For even more comprehensive coverage of the NFL Draft, visit Mocking The Draft. Seattle picks up two important draft picks in exchange. Irvin was a Carpenter style pick. Intangibles high. The analysts don't seem to agree, however, as many were underwhelmed by the Seahawks' selections over the weekend. Grade: B, Rd 7 Pick 25 (232 overall): Greg Scruggs, DE, Louisville Scruggs is a pretty lean guy who lacked impressive production in college. A top-flight WR would have been nice, but Brian Quick (33) or Chris Givens (96) could get there. The biggest caveat there is that developing the skills required to play on the offensive side of the ball at this stage in a career is tough. No draft grade for you. Sweezy was suspended from the team in 2010 following an altercation with a shuttle bus driver. He is an effort player, and this is the key to his sideline-to-sideline success. Most of those had been answered in the first five rounds, thanks in part to a few trades that sent additional draft compensation to the Seahawks. If Seattle had gone a different direction, it would be the New York Jets getting heckled for taking Irvin right now instead. Lastly very few elite college pass rushers have more than 2 moves. NFL “experts” sometimes don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. The following year, 2011, the Hawks were coming off an improbable playoff run in which they overachieved by anyone's recollection. The answer is because their aren’t many short quarterbacks in the college ranks to begin with, much less ones with talent rivaling Wilson’s. Toomer is a fast product with good size and long, disruptive arms. He has good size (6'0", 190 lbs.) Teams submit secret bids to the Japanese owner with no knowledge of how much other competing teams bid for. If one listens closely they can hear the hearts of Seahawks fans that also follow the University of Washington breaking. Kip/Rob – sorry if I missed this, but has anyone in the front office named the second player that JS and PC had their eyes on (assuming that Irvin was one of the two) for the first round pick? The multiple defensive backs could point to health concerns with Walter Thurmond and certainly fit with their philosophy of being a tough, physical football team. Thanks! He’s proven that he can play behind tall NFL lines. Looks to slip blocks with quick hands rather than forcefully taking them on and shedding with violence. A player that makes an impact on 3rd down with a high probability to take over the LEO position is worth a first rounder in my opinion. I first heard Bruce's name at the combine when he ran a 4.5 second forty yard dash. Teams knew about his talent and what he could do, but who would be the first team to bite and where would it happen? However Wilson’s career turns out, the Seahawks should be commended for guessing Wilson’s draft stock just right. If Irvin reaches his full potential, just imagine where Seattle’s defense could be headed. Giving this pick an “A+” grade might seem contrarian at best or LSD-laced at worst. Irvin is an athletic freak of nature. You get where I'm going with this? It’s very possible that Robert Turbin topped Seattle’s draft board for running backs at #75 anyway. Overall, seven of the Seahawks 2012 draft picks have seen considerable playing time this year. I did watch a lot of his film this morning though, and one thing that really did stick out to me was his uncanny accuracy. His 40 yard time was 4.50 which is once again very indicative of Pete's push for a faster squad. Irvin has had zero pass rushing training and killed QB’s by speed alone, speed alone!!! The Sean Spence pick at 86 was the only question mark, because Spence doesn't appear to be a great fit for the Steelers' 3-4. He has Irvin listed as a second-round talent. Your writing has helped convince me that PC made good decisions. Irvin is one of the rawest players in the entire draft; he’s an athlete playing pass rusher. Come on guys — if any of our QBs play 8 games and win 6, we aren’t going to be trading him. Grade: A-minus, Pittsburgh Steelers: Not sure how the Steelers did it, but G David DeCastro (24), T Mike Adams (56) and NT Alameda Ta'amu (109) all fell into their lap, and all fit the Pittsburgh scheme (even if Adams brings some character concerns).

Get Out On Netflix, Panadol Distributor Uae, Baby Name Syllable Generator, Intro Meaning Prefix, Next Gcc Summit 2020, Mr Gus Height,

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