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These two bars used to be coated with black zinc finish, but that finish easily scratched and chipped away, so from then Vulcan started using chrome plating. Have a black zinc finishing that gives an attractive look. BUY 3 OR MORE 3 SHIPS FREE ITEMS AND THEY SHIP FOR FREE Shop Now. It consist of genuine Olive Drab zinc plating which helps in protecting the bar from wear and tear while giving a chalky, grip-friendly feel just like the black zinc. The 20kg bar produces a repetitive spin and whip during any old school Olympic movement, and the durability of its manufacturing is further shown by a one year warranty. Furthermore, Rogue provides a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking, so this shows how durable the 28mm Training bar is. Having a 190,000 PSI tensile strength steel shaft and bright zinc finish, the Echo Bar 2.0 comes with an upgraded snap ring sleeves and an exclusive Echo branded endcaps. The steel in this bar is made of great quality and is one of the best choice for weightlifters. Consist of Oly knurl marks with no center knurl. Whether in acollege weight room, garage gym, or professional training facility. Being a formerfirefighter and top finisher around four times at the Crossfit games, the opinions of Matt are considered highly as he knows how to carry weight around. The use of standard Oly knurl marks and IWF standard collar spacing gives lifters the ability to change to a competition bar. Despite its affordable price tag, the Echo Bar meets up the demands of giving high-performance and competitive Oly adjustment. The sleeves gives an aesthetic look and are chrome resistant, the grip is powerful and completely secure, the bearings have the ability to  handle more weight, than even Dmitry could put on the bar, and the whip is better than regular. The bar easily adjusts in the hands due to multiple knurling provided which are Olympic. The 25m, Training Bar is a 15kg women’s barbell with no center knurl, a black zinc coated shaft and bright zinc sleeves. What makes the California bar completely genuine from any other multi-purpose bar on the market is its finish. This polished 28.5mm bar is constructed and individually assembled in Columbus, Ohio, and gives the same quality; U.S. steel, bronze bushings, and dual knurl marks as their standard Ohio Bar. He wanted to ensure that everyone he knew would not be burdened with the fear of being attacked on his or her home soil. More information... People also love these ideas. And the best part of Vulcan One Basic, is that it ships for free unlike the Rogue and American Barbell bars. Provides a lifetime warranty from bending or broken collars. Sign up for both to get all our updates straight to your inbox. The 25mm, 15kg bar includes custom-designed dual knurl marks for Olympic lifting and powerlifting having no center knurls, with bronze bushings to give a reliable balance of rigidity and standard whip. Though a bare steel bar do require maintenance from time to time than most oxide, zinc or chrome plated bars do. Which gives a more bold statement than an aesthetic choice. The Rogue Shipping System provides you to keep a track on your order, just by the time you places it till the time it comes to your door. Rogue Pyrros Bar - 28MM - Stainless / Chrome, Rogue Operator Bar 3.0 - Tek Gray Camo/ Black Sleeve, Rogue Euro 28MM Olympic Weightlifting Bar, Rogue Olympic Weightlifting Bar - Bright Zinc. Comes with dual knurl marks with no center knurl. If you’re looking for a bar that is cost efficient, which comes with a great design and adjustable easily, then the 25mm training bar is a solid choice for women bars. Grip is very smooth and doesn’t really tear up the hands. © 2020 Rogue Fitness. Having features like, the other 190,000 PSI bars like the Rogue Bar 2.0, Ohio Bar, and the California Bar, and even at that lesser price it consist of some features that make it more appealing. By continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies. The Vulcan One Basic Economy bar comes in both, men’s 20 kg and women’s 15 kg version. The knurling process which is done inside the bar is simply a state of art.Rogue spent months working just with knurls, to make them best for an Ohio Bar. Initially, his efforts to become a US Navy SEAL after graduating from the Naval Academy came up short, and he was denied a chance to go to SEAL training, BUD/S, after graduation. The bar is 2010 mm having loadable sleeves up to 300mm. Rogue has outfitted some of the best training centers in the world, and we look forward to hearing about your own set of needs and addressing them to the best of our ability. This is an end-game Olympic bar, and if you choose to purchase another Olympic bar after purchasing the Vulcan Pro, it will be for the fun of it, not out of necessity. The price of the bar is reasonable which suits the pocket. Both are 20 kg, 28 mm Olympic bearing bars, and both are built around a 190,000 PSI steel shaft. Having custom-made dual knurl marks for Olympic and power lifting with the help of passive center knurl, the bar also now features a powerful 205 KSI shaft with an updated snap ring design. For athletes who wants to workout with an old school look, which gives them a feel of that steel barbell in hands so for them Rogue Castro bar is best choice to pick up. This lead Rogue to invite him to Columbus to give an idea for a barbell that comes with qualities of both, powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. Showing how bars were actually made to give an unmatchable feel. The bar consist of Rogue’s standard Olympic knurl pattern with dual knurl marks for Oly and power lifts. The bar is coated with a black graphite Cerakote finish, having the same oxidation prevent finish used for firearms. Rogue Athlete Matt Chan designed an American-made barbell just by his experience. Just like the original Rogue Bar, Version 2.0 provides a convenient dual knurl marks for bothpowerlifting and Olympic, which are having a bright zinc sleeves and black zinc coated shaft. Choose your subscription preferences below. The T-10KG Technique Bar is fully engineered and manufactured in Rogue’s Ohio plant, which includes a 25mm steel shaft having a tensile strength of 190,000 PSI, one step above then some of Rogue’s top-tier competition bars. Rogue constructs a wide variety of other quality, easily purchased equipment under the Echo Series, including their Echo squat stands, Echo power racks, Echo LB Bumper Plates, and more. Having an ultra-durable construction which is combined with a distinctive needle bearing design, simply doesn’t even matches with any of the world’s technique bars. The Stainless Steel Bearing Bar is American Barbell’s is one of their best Olympic bar made, but also they comes in the list of most expensive bars. You can even use any personalized and customized band that is equivalent to its dimensions. The Training Bar’s single knurl marks and knurl pattern are designed specifically for Oly lifts. The design of the bar forces you to workout with them. Provides an awesome spin and comfortable feel in hands. Stainless steel is extravagant to every other shaft material or finish option, not only because of its resistance to oxidation, but also because stainless steel gives a standard and secure grip that no applied finish can compare to. The T-10KG Bar goes above to provide the functionality of an intermediate training bar, in the high end working category. This bar is actually constructed to handle the day in and out abuse of commercial gyms and CrossFit boxes, and it also comes with a warranty of that.This standard barbell has the ability to withstand that negligence kind of environment, so you can expect how well they can work out if you keep them in your home gym. The barbell rod is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio. Provides a lifetime warranty from bending and breaking. He served as a US Navy SEAL in order to protect Molly and I, as well as his family and friends, from the cruelty that exists outside the confines of our own reality. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site. The sleeves of the T-10KG Tech Bar have the tendency to fit the most standard sized bumper plates, with a maximum loading capacity of 80lbs or 36kg. American Barbell Stainless Steel Olympic Bar Review, XMark ELITE SERIES 7’ Commercial Olympic Bar Review, American Barbell Stainless Steel Olympic Bar. Crossfit Equipment Crossfit Gym No Equipment Workout Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar Outdoor Gym Outdoor Workouts Outdoor Fitness Calisthenics Gym. Showing how bars were actually made to give an unmatchable feel. It’s finished completely in engineered, hard chrome; which is both beautiful and thick enough to contribute to the bar’s overall strength. This finish is neat and repetitive looking, completely rust-proof, and standard tacky. When this barbell featured in competition of CrossFit Games, it was found that C-70 bar is the shortest barbell that supported 400+ pound deadlifts during the Men’s Finals. The California Bar matches the industry standard of 190,000 PSI alloy steel shaft. Both are 20 kg, 28 mm Olympic bearing bars, and both are built around a 190,000 PSI steel shaft. The core specifications for this bar are very much like the Rogue Olympic Weight lifting Bar. Rigs - Rogue Rigs & Racks. The shaft specifications blow all other professional bars out of the water – it has a sick, lab-verified tensile strength of over 240,000 PSI and a yield strength of 223,000 PSI. The strength training coaches Mike Burgener and Mark Rippetoe engineered them with some increments from Rogue’s in-house construction team. One of the most expensive bar by Rogue Fitness. Needs maintenance from time to time to enhance its durability. By increasing the distance between the outer knurling, Matt gives the wider posture on deadlifts and cleans without thinking of scrapping of skin due to knurling. Manufactured and assembled at Columbus construction facility, the newly designed Rogue Echo Bar 2.0 is a budget friendly 28.5mm bushing bar which consist of many features as their standard Rogue Ohio Bar. The American Barbell Stainless Steel shaft is one of only two bar shafts that have a maximum rating of 10/10 for knurl and grip quality. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Comes with a massive tensile strength of 240000 PSI.

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