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James Bond 007 is on the search for a Russian decoding machine, known as "Lektor". In 2014 Time Out polled several film critics, directors, actors and stunt actors to list their top action films;[68] From Russia With Love was listed at 69. [29], Photographer David Hurn was commissioned by the producers of the James Bond films to shoot a series of stills with Sean Connery and the actresses of the film. Connery not only allowed his 1960s likeness as Bond to be used, but the actor, in his 70s, also recorded the character's dialogue, marking a return to the role 22 years after he last played Bond in Never Say Never Again. Upon arriving in Istanbul, Bond works alongside the head of MI6's branch in the city, Ali Kerim Bey, while he awaits word from Romanova. While Kerim remains with him to prevent him escaping, Bond returns to Romanova to wait for their rendezvous with one of Kerim's men. Use the HTML below. Escaping from the train in Istria, Yugoslavia, with the Lektor, the fake evidence, and Romanova, Bond uses Grant's escape plan to flee, evading attacks by SPECTRE agents, first in a helicopter and then on boats in the Adriatic Sea. James Bond investigates the hijacking of British and Russian submarines carrying nuclear warheads, with the help of a K.G.B. Before departing, Bond is given a special attaché case by Q, containing several defensive gadgets and an ArmaLite AR-7 sniper rifle, to help on his assignment. [37], From Russia with Love is the first Bond film in the series with John Barry as the primary soundtrack composer. | [17] The scene with rats (after the theft of the Lektor) was shot in Spain, as Britain did not allow filming with wild rats, and an attempt to film white rats painted in cocoa in Turkey did not work. Locations included the Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia and the Sirkeci railway station, which also was used for the Belgrade and Zagreb railway stations. (voice) (uncredited), Krilencu's Henchman Most of the cast from the film returned in likeness. For the opening chess match, Kronsteen wins the game with a reenactment of Boris Spassky's victory over David Bronstein in 1960. Company Credits View production, box office, & company info. From Russia with Love is a 1963 spy film and the second in the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions, as well as Sean Connery's second role as MI6 agent James Bond. Bond needs to find this machine, before the evil S.P.E.C.T.R.E. forces. [18][19] In her initial scene with Klebb, Tatiana refers to training for the ballet, referencing the actress's real life background. Great acting performances from not only Sean Connery, but Robert Shaw, Pedro Armendariz, and Lotte Lenya (the wife of Kurt Weill). [28] Production Designer Syd Cain built up the "chess pawn" motif in his $150,000 set for the brief sequence. Terence Young cast Austrian singer Lotte Lenya after hearing one of her musical recordings. (uncredited), Tatiana Romanova When the train arrives in Belgrade, Bond passes on news of Kerim's death to one of his sons waiting for them and receives instructions to travel to Zagreb and receive help from a British agent named Nash. [3][5], After the unexpected loss of Armendáriz, production proceeded, experiencing complications from uncredited rewrites by Berkely Mather during filming. He quickly reveals that Romanova was a pawn in SPECTRE's plan and that he intends to kill both and stage it as a murder-suicide, leaving behind fake blackmail evidence that will scandalise the British intelligence community. From Russia with Love In addition to filming on location in Turkey, the action scenes were shot at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, and in Scotland. [42], From Russia with Love premiered on 10 October 1963 at the Odeon Leicester Square in London. Actors play it straight, with excellent results. simon_hrdng. | The MI6 office in London, SPECTRE Island, the Venice hotel and the interior scenes of the Orient Express were filmed at Pinewood Studios with some footage of the train. Following the financial success of Dr. No, United Artists greenlit a second James Bond film. This is to say, don't miss it if you can still get the least bit of fun out of lurid adventure fiction and pseudo-realistic fantasy. [69], The British Film Institute's screenonline guide called the film "one of the series' high points" and said it "had advantages not enjoyed by many later Bond films, notably an intelligent script that retained the substance of Ian Fleming's novel while toning down the overt Cold War politics (the Cuban Missile Crisis had only occurred the previous year). [26][27], Director Terence Young's eye for realism was evident throughout production. [38] The theme song was composed by Lionel Bart of Oliver! This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 23:11. Several actresses were considered for the role of Tatiana, including Italians Sylva Koscina and Virna Lisi, Danish actress Annette Vadim, and English-born Tania Mallet. Written by [58], In his 1986 book, Danny Peary described From Russia with Love as "an excellent, surprisingly tough and gritty James Bond film" which is "refreshingly free of the gimmickry that would characterise the later Bond films, and Connery and Bianchi play real people. [62] In 2006, Jay Antani of Filmcritic praised the film's "impressive staging of action scenes",[63] while IGN listed it as second-best Bond film ever, behind only Goldfinger. [65] When the "James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set" was released in November 2007 by MGM, Norman Wilner of MSN chose From Russia with Love as the best Bond film. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? With their mission accomplished, Bond and Romanova spend some time on a romantic boat ride, during which time Grant's blackmail evidence is disposed of into the canal. (uncredited), Chess Tournament Official [75][76], The game was penned by Bruce Feirstein, who had previously worked on the film scripts for GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and the 2004 video game, Everything or Nothing. [16] 1960 Miss Universe runner-up Daniela Bianchi was ultimately cast, supposedly Sean Connery's choice. [24] Principal photography began on 1 April 1963,[5] and wrapped on 23 August.

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